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A+ Sprinkler Corp.
Licensed Master Fire Suppression Contractor Philip M. Tanela #765

In addition to the numerous plumbing services we offer, A Plus Plumbing Corp. also has both the experience and the excellent staff to take on commercial and residential fire protection sprinkler projects of all sizes in New York City. Some of our sprinkler services include:

  • Commercial & residential fire sprinkler service and repair

  • Commercial & residential fire sprinkler system replacement

  • Temporary Core Sprinkler Protection (TCSP) installation for jobsites

  • High-temperature CPVC fire sprinkler system service and installation (residential only)

  • Commercial & residential new construction

  • FDNY siamese connection service and replacement

  • Sprinkler standpipe service and installation

  • Fire booster pump new installation and replacement

  • Preaction system new installation and replacement

  • Fire protection system inspections, including those required by the Department of Buildings and/or insurance carriers for NFPA compliance

This list only represents an example of fire protection services offered by A Plus Plumbing Corp. If you do not see the service you are looking for on this list, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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