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Effective January 1, 2012, The Fire Department of New York City adopted the National Fire Protection Association Standard 25 - or NFPA 25 for short.  This standard significantly impacts and changes the requirements for the inspection and testing of all fire sprinkler systems in all facilities throughout the five Boroughs of New York City.

What is the NFPA 25?

The National Fire Protection Association Standard 25 - or NFPA 25 - is the standard for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems. It is typically revised every three (3) years, with the current revision being for the year 2020.

Who requires NFPA 25 compliance?

All buildings in New York City with water-based fire protection systems are required to comply with NFPA 25 standards since the FDNY adoption of the standard in January 2012. Additionally, many insurance companies require regular periodic NFPA 25 inspections for the maintenance and renewal of commercial building policies. Insurance companies may also require NFPA 25 inspections to validate claims made related to the fire protection system of the commercial property.

How many NFPA 25 inspections are there?

Though the total number of NFPA 25 inspections changes with every revision of the standard, the government of New York City - particularly the Department of Buildings and the FDNY - recognizes the 5-Year Hydrostatic Test and the 5-Year Obstruction Investigation as the most important to the standard operations of NYC buildings. Areas of NYC with a higher-than-normal fire risk, as well as two (2) dwelling or smaller residential homes equipped with fire sprinkler systems, may require additional inspections, such as monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections.

What happens if an unsafe or hazardous condition is observed?

If an inspection reveals any unsafe or hazardous condition(s), the inspector must immediately notify the building owner, and alert them the condition must be addressed before they can pass the inspection in question. The building owner must take immediate action to correct the condition(s) in compliance with the New York City Construction Codes and any required permits.

Can A Plus Plumbing Corp. conduct NFPA 25 inspections?

YES! A Plus Plumbing Corp. and our experienced team are familiar with the guidelines and regulations of the NFPA 25 as they are updated and released. We are not only able to conduct critical inspections such as the 5-Year Hydrostatic Test and the 5-Year Obstruction Investigation, but we are also able to conduct regular periodic inspections (monthly, quarterly, and annual) and immediately address any possible hazardous conditions before they may interfere with an inspection.

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